Barka介紹- Barka Description
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Barka介紹- Barka Description


Barka是鄰近國家例如印度及東非進出口海運的出入口,還有一座堡壘由伊瑪目(伊斯蘭教宗教領袖或學者的尊稱)Saif bin Sultan al Ya'rubi (Qid al Ard)沿著城牆種植上萬株棕櫚樹及椰子樹聞名。

Barka is one of the historic cities on the coast of Oman which flourished during the Ya'aruba and the Bu Said dynasties. It was an area of export and received produce from the neighbouring wilayats to ship to India, Basra and East Africa. Reminders of the prosperity of these times include Al Na'man Fort, built by the Imam Saif bin Sultan al Ya'rubi (Qid al Ard), who planted 30,000 palm and coconut trees around its walls. Al Sayid Sultan bin Ahmad built the garrison headquarters of Bait al Falaj in the 19th century AD which is now the Armed Forces Museum.

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