Liwa介紹- Liwa Description
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Liwa介紹- Liwa Description

位於Sohar北方的Liwa是個販賣新鮮魚獲及製造魚產品的活躍市場,Liwa 城堡共有五座城塔圍繞著中間的一座堡壘,同時這座堡壘亦是過去政府官員及行政管理者的所在地。

Wilayat Liwa lies north of Sohar and has a lively market place where local produce and fresh fish are sold. It is around 277 km from Muscat. Liwa Castle: Located on a small hill in the Wilayat of Liwa, it is 85 metres long and 75 metres wide, and contains five circular towers and central fort. The fort was used as the seat of government and administration.

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