Nakhal介紹- Nakhal Description
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Nakhal介紹- Nakhal Description


Nakhl is located in the south of the Batinah, at the foot of Jebel al Akhdar in the Western Hajar Mountains. It is about 120km from Muscat. Upon entry to Nakhl, the most prominent feature is the fort, which is built on a 200m high craggy outcrop. The fort has been extended over the centuries and in 1990, was restored by Sultan Qaboos. There are a number of hot springs in Nakhl, one of which is situated close to the fort: Thuara spring is a very popular location with locals and visitors alike. It is a highly important source of water to the residents of Nakhl, as it irrigates around 90% of the land. Wadi Abyad is in the wilayat and contains deep, warm 'blue pools', so coloured due to the mineral deposits in the water.

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