Sohar介紹- Sohar Description
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Sohar介紹- Sohar Description

距離首都馬斯開特234公里SoharBatina地區主要的都市,其中以建立在西元13.14世紀的Sohar Fort為最當地卓越的建築。Sohar還有許多的溪流穿梭在境內並形成美麗的公園,Sohar同時也因觀光業的發達而建造許多高級奢華的飯店供觀光客休憩。

The city of Sohar is a major city on the Batina Region. It is 234KM from Muscat. The Sohar Fort is one of the most prominent features in the city and was built between the 13th and 14th century AD by the 'Emirs of Hormuz'. An escape tunnel runs from inside the fort to the wilayat of Buraimi, 10km to the west. It was used as a route to obtain reinforcements and supplies during sieges. Sohar has many wadis with running water, such as Wadi Hibi, Wadi Ahin and Wadi al Jizzi, and beautiful public parks. It is an area that is under tourist development and a number of deluxe hotels have now been built.

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