Bawshar介紹- Bawshar Description
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Bawshar介紹- Bawshar Description

Bawshar在過去曾名為Abu Sharr,是另一個具有考古意義的古老地方。其中一個著名的紀念館 Beit Al Kebir (也被稱為Beit Al Sayeda Thoraya) 有著顯著輝煌的歷史聖約,而它的雕刻技藝也堪稱一絕。       

      Its archaeological remains and the ancient narratives suggest a history going back to the second millennium BC. It is also said –and it is likely to be true – that the name Bawshar is derived from the unrest witnessed by this district in the past, causing it to be called Abu Sharr (the Iniquitous One); until, when matters settled it was shortened to Bawshar.
      The Beit Al Kebir (Great House) is amongst its most significant monumental remains. This monument of many names is also known as Beit Al Sayeda Thoraya. Whatever its title it stands as a splendid historical testament, with its unique engravings and feats of design. It is composed of several lobbies and colonnaded galleries and is three storeys high.
      Also here are the stronghold and citadel of Al Fatah and the towers: Al Hammam, Sanb, Harat Al Awraa and the tower and Rawla and Sabla of Falaj Al Sham; the Al Sayed Barghash Wall, the two Bouqa of Al Ansab and Al Hammam, the old stone the old suq of Bawshar and Al Khab
Foremost among the old mosques are the Al Najar Mosque in the Bowshar Bani Umran Municipality which was erected in the thirteenth century AH, and the nearby Al Aweina Mosque, as well as the Sanb Mosque and 56 other lesser mosques scattered throughout the Wilayat.

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