Al Qabil
Al Qabil介紹- Al Qabil Description
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Al Qabil介紹- Al Qabil Description

Al Qabil共有21座村落,大約69座考古遺址,而最有名的兩座堡壘其中一座便在此區,另一座則在Al Mudirab。此區同時擁有許多水道系統及山泉水,這些都座落在沙丘中央形成了另一項觀光景點。

     It contains about 21 villages. There are about 69 archaeological sites, the most important being two forts, one of them in Al Qabil and the other in Al Mudirab.
     There are about 50 falaj, the most important being: Al Mudirab, Al Qabil, Al Direez and Al Nabaa. It is also famous for a number of villages which are located between the high, golden sand dunes. The most important of these villages are Al Sakaa, Al 'Aqida, Al Kharis and Al Jufaa. There are also a number of springs in the Wilayat. The most important are: 'Ain Marzuk, known for water, 'Ain Wadi Barka and 'Ain Al Washal. The falaj, springs and villages located in the middle of the sand dunes are tourist attractions.

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