Daba介紹- Daba Description
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Daba介紹- Daba Description

It is located in the south east of the governorate, to the north and west are mountain ranges linking it to the other parts of the region, in the east is the Gulf of Oman, and in the south the U.A.E. It contains about 114 villages.
    Al Asma'i says that it was one of the Arab markets in Oman. The Muslims conquered it in the era of the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Sadiq in the 11th year of the Hijra. Ka'ab Bin Suar Bin Bakr is one of the region's famous men, a leader and a scholar, he became Judge of Basra during the era of the Caliph Omar Bin Al Khatab, and Al Muhallab Bin Abi Sufra, was a leader of the Muslim armies at the time of the Umayya State.
     In the modern era Sheikh Salih Bin Mohammed Al Kamzari Al Shahi is famous, and was mentioned in the book "Dangers of Exploration in the Arabian Peninsula" by William Thomas.
One of the historical features of the Wilayat of Dibba is the castle called 'Al Siba' which was restored in the age of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. There is also the castle of 'Sabtaan' and the cemetery known as the Cemetery of Amin Al Jaish which is attributed to the wars of apostasy.
Another of its tourist features are the vast 'fjords' known as the Gulf of Al 'Gabaiyain in which the fishermen take refuge during storms at sea. The most important of these 'fjords' are Khur Ma'ali and Almim. There is also a spring called 'Al Saqata" as well as a number of vast caves in the mountains.

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