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Ibra介紹- Ibra Description

Ibra大約由70座村落所組成,座落於Al Mudaibi區的西北方,Qabil區的南方,及Dima and Taaiyin區的東邊。在Ibra有許多考古遺址,城堡、堡壘及古老的清真寺,唯一一座位於Al Yahmadi的城堡Al Dhahir才在近期內由國家文化遺產部門所整修。其中最有名的清真寺Al Aqaba Mosque座落在Jabal Al Naasiri底下,它的壁龕面對著耶路撒冷並且將它視為此區的象徵。

Ibra最受觀光客青睞的,便是它的山泉水、水道系統及洞窟,在Abu Saalih, Al Diyaan, and Shabihaat三處皆為可直接飲用的山泉。此外,最著名的Ain Al Milah的礦泉水更能夠治癒皮膚病。此區過去共有64座水道系統,至今剩下34座仍可繼續使用,其中最重要的分別是Al Writ, Al Masmum, Al Thaabati, Abu Makhirin。至於最令人嘆為觀止的洞窟則非Jarf Rajib莫屬了。除此之外,這裡仍然有許多吸引觀光客駐足的地方,例如Al Haaimah區的Faj Majaazaa, Al Yahmadi區的Al Hadima及位於Qaghifa南方的 Qasiba,皆值得遊覽觀賞。

In the north and west it neighbors the Wilayat of Al Mudaibi, in the south the Wilayat of Qabil, and in the east the Wilayat of Dima and Taaiyin.It contains about  70 villages. There are a number of archaeological features, castles, forts, towers and ancient mosques.There is only one castle, Al Dhahir, which is in the Al Yahmadi area which has recently been restored by the Ministry of National Culture and Heritage.
      There are five forts : Al Shubbak, Farifar, Al Daghsha, Al Yahmadi and Bait Al Qasimi .There are also nine towers: Al Qatabi, Al Naasiri, Al Qala'a, Al Mansur, Al Nataala, Al Qarin, San'aa, Al Safah and Burj Al Qarun.
      The most important mosque is the is the Al  'Aqaba Mosque, which was built at the foot of Jabal Al Naasiri. Its mihrab faces Jerusalem and it is from this mosque that the Wilayat took its emblem.
     Springs, falaj and caves make up the tourist attractions in the Wilayat. The most important springs are: Abu Saalih, Al Diyaan, and Shabihaat, the water from all of these can be drunk. 'Ain Al Milah is famous because its mineral water can cure skin diseases. There used to be 64 falaj in the Wilayat, but now only 34 remain. The most important are : Al Writ, Al Masmum, Al Thaabati, and Abu Makhirin. The most outstanding cave is the cave of Jarf Rajib. In addition there are some other tourist attractions noted for their water and shady trees, places such as: Faj Majaaza in Al Haaimah area, Al Hadima in Al Yahmadi area and Qasiba in the south of Qaghifa.

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