Jaalan Bani Bu Ali
Jaalan Bani Bu Ali介紹- Jaalan Bani Bu Ali Description
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Jaalan Bani Bu Ali介紹- Jaalan Bani Bu Ali Description

Jaalan Bani Bu Ali位於阿曼東南方,是阿曼最大的地區之一。此地共有137座村落,同時存在著三種地理環境:海岸線、沙漠及農田,使得當地居民因這多樣的地理條件而受惠並增加收入來源。本地人口早期多半由貝多因遊牧民族組成進而落地生根於此,並且靠著農業及貿易維生。

一座叫Al Jam'aa的清真寺建造於伊斯蘭教紀元十一世,其獨特的造型及52個圓形穹頂堪成建築之精藝。此外,由阿拉伯海及印度洋所帶來的海風及雲雨使得本地的氣候終年宜人舒適,及多處水碧山青的溪流更成為鄰近地區的夏日避暑勝地。

It is located in the south east part of the Sultanate and is one of the biggest Wilayats. It is a mix of three different geographical environments. What are they ? The first is the coastal area of the Wilayat, the second, the desert area and the third, the agricultural area. This mix of environments provides the inhabitants with a variety of incomes. It contains about 137 villages. The coast stretches more than 170 kilometres, from Ras Al Hadd in the north to Ras Al Ruwais in the south; and scattered throughout are inhabited areas. The Wilayat also includes the desert, so that it is made up of pasture, sand dunes and wadis.
    Most of the people are Bedouin, but nowadays they are nearly all settled in their areas. In addition, there is the urban environment where the inhabitants practice agriculture and trade.
In the Wilayat Ja'lan Bani Bu 'Ali there are castles, forts, towers and old mosques. One of the most important castles is that of "Al Hamouda" which was built at the beginning of the 11th century A.H.
       There are also some ruined houses which have been taken over by the Organization of Castles and Forts. One of the principal forts of the Wilayat is located in the Badi'ya area, and bears the same name."Husn Al Badi'ya". It was built about 250 years ago. Some other forts are: Haasad, Al Lawiya, Jaabiya, Jaabiya 'Ayun, Al Qatitra, Jaabiya Balidah, and two other forts, one in the Shariy'a area and another in Kaabid. There are also 13 towers in various areas.
     The Al Jam'aa Mosque was built in the 11th century A.H., it is unique in form and design and it is made up of 52 cupolas in a wonderful feat of engineering, in that its roof is also covered with cupolas. These allow light and air into the mosque. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos had it restored at his own expense. The Wilayat of Ja'alan Bani Bu 'Ali has a moderate climate throughout most of the year, because of the winds that blow on to its shores from the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, carrying clouds, drizzle and rain. One of the most important of these winds is called "Riyah Al Kawus", which is particularly characteristic of the Al Ashkara area. This climate induces many Omanis and people from neighbouring Gulf states to visit the area during the summer months, and is considered a tourist attraction for the Wilayat. It is not the only attraction, however ! There are wadis with very luxuriant tree growth, the most important of which are: Wadi Saal, Wadi Al Rawdha, Wadi Abu Fashigha, Wadi Al Labida,and Wadi Jarif.
      There are a number of afalaj: Abu Al Hees, Al Dhahir, Al Seih, Hamad, Ziyad, Al Jidar, Al Faleej, Al Rahyaan, Al Jadid, Ghadiraan, Zawid and Bahbouh. There are also about 52 springs used for irrigating the fields, which have a special system for distributing the water, similar to that of the falaj.

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