Jaalan Bani Bu Hasani
Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan介紹- Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan Description
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Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan介紹- Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan Description

位於Ash Sharqiyah中部的Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan不但造就了其地理位置的重要性,更鞏固阿拉伯海南部及印度洋的防衛. 全區共有160個村落,此區選擇兩支交叉的矛做為此區市民的象徵,其意指著就是這裡的人民具有勇敢與勇氣的精神。

Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan充滿許多遺留下來的古蹟與遺址,最有名的城堡為Awlaad MurshidFaleej。除了城堡外,多達60座的堡壘與40幾座清真寺,還有山泉,水道系統等等也成為觀光客喜歡拜訪的原因之一。  

To the east is the Wilayat of Sur, to the west the Rimal Aal Wahiba and the Wilayat of Al Mudaibi, to the north the Wilayat of Al Kamil and Al Waafi and to the south the Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali. It also stretches south to the coast of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. There are about 160 villages .The Wilayat chose two crossed spears as its emblem which indicates the bravery and courage of its citizens.
       There is a collection of archaeological sites in the Wilayat. There are 15 castles, the most important being: the castle of Awlaad Murshid in the Al Manjarad area and the castle of Faleej. Al Mahiyul is considered the best fort in the Wilayat, which also has 13 other forts. This shows that, previously, it was a centre of local government. The most important of the 60 towers are: Al Safara, Al Mursid, and Burj Al Saqata. The Wilayat also has 40 ancient  mosques.
     Springs, falaj and caves make up the tourist attractions of this Wilayat. There are about 15 springs, the most important being : Jabal Qahwan, Al Khatam, Al Balida, Dima, Al 'Aqba and 'Ain Um Al Baqr. The most important falaj are: Al Manjarad, Al Buirad, Al Mahiyul, Al 'Aquiriya, Al Sharqi, Al 'Ais, Hilal and Falaj Al Mashaaikh. There are a number of caves in Jabal Qahwan, which the inhabitants used to live in, to protect themselves and their animals from the fierce winds and rain.   The most important of these caves are : Mataab, Al Halifa, Wadi Al Marish, Matira and Wadi AI 'Atan..

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