Wadi Bani Khali
Wadi Bani Khalid介紹- Wadi Bani Khalid Description
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Wadi Bani Khalid介紹- Wadi Bani Khalid Description


In the west it neighbours the Wilayats of Badiya and Al Qabil, in the east the Wilayat of Sur, in the south the Wilayat of Al Kamil and Al Waafi, and in the north the Wilayat Dima and Al Taaiyin. It contains about 30 villages. It is famous for a number of archaeological sites. There are some forts, the most important being: Hasan AI Muwalik in the village of Al 'Awina, which dates back to the 4 th century A.H., the biggest fort in the Wilayat and in the past was the base of the Wali and the Judge, the fort of Al 'Adafin in the village of Qaswah, and the fort of Al Raziqiyeen in the village of Al Husun. All in addition to other forts of which only ruins remain. There are also 9 towers.
     The Wilayat has many tourist features. The main one is the cave of Maqal, where water falls from holes, then bursts out with a gurgling sound into a pool. It disappears again and finally collects into lakes which the people distribute into three falaj. The Wilayat chose this cave as its emblem. Other tourist attractions are the springs, of which the most important are: 'Ain Duwah, Al Lathab, Al Kabira', Al Haajir, Al Kanara, Al Makhdah, Al Hawiya, Al Jabiyat Al khamra, Al Montajir, Al Halka, Al Ithnain and "Ain Ghalaala. In addition there are 56 falaj, the most important being: Al Hili, Al Fardhah, Abu Ba'rah, Al Saaruj, Al Garbi, Falaj Abu Khulaan and Al Kabeer.

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