Adam介紹- Adam Description
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Adam介紹- Adam Description

Dakhliyah 行政區進入首都MuscatAdam是南方的首要門戶,有人稱Adam為「沙漠中的甘霖」. 此地有許多重要的歷史遺址被考古學家所發現,也有三處山泉地分別位在Jebel SalakhWadi Halfain.

Adam is approximately 295km from Muscat and is the main entrance to the Dakhliyah from the south. Some say that the wilayat got its name from adim al ardth, which means 'surface of the earth', or 'fertile land located in the desert'. Archaeological exploration has revealed a number of significant sites, such as the mosques of Al Jam'aa al Mahlabiya bint al Mahlab bin Abi Sufra and Al Rugha. Legend and folklore surround this wilayat and stories are told time and again of 'Bani Rahu' - or 'the mosque which built itself'. The founder of the Al Bu Said Royal Family, Al Imam Ahmad bin Said, was born in Adam. His house still stands to this day. There are three springs in Adam, two at the foot of Jebel Salakh and the third located on the banks of Wadi Halfain.

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