Al Hamra
Al Hamra介紹- Al Hamra Description
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Al Hamra介紹- Al Hamra Description

Al Hamra內,一個叫Musafa al Abriin的地方以她絕佳的美景及座落於山丘間的梯田而聞名。太陽之山 (Jebel Shams) 也在此區,其名字的由來則聽說是太陽的第一道曙光先照亮這座山,亦是日落最後一個到訪的地方。

Al Hamra is located in the northwest part of Jebel al Akhdar. Musafa al Abriin is an area of superb scenery, with agricultural terraces cut into the mountains, and the peak of Jebel Shams (mountain of the sun) soaring to 12,000ft. It is thought that the mountain received its name because, during its creation, it was first to receive the sun's rays in the morning and the last rays at dusk. Lemons, dates, roses and various vegetables are grown on the terraces.

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