Izki介紹- Izki Description
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Izki介紹- Izki Description

Izki曾是貿易及商隊經常往返的一個繁榮地區,也有許多具有考古及歷史意義的城堡與堡壘,例如最有名的一座叫Al Nazar Wa al Yaman

Izki before the dawn of Islam was known as Jarnan because of an idol (awthan) which was worshipped in a cave under Hilal Nazar. It was a known meeting place for trade caravans and markets flourished. Testimony to its prosperous era is found in the number of archaeological features. There are 142 towers and three castles in the wilayat, together with ancient houses of historical importance, such as Al Nazar Wa al Yaman.

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