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Ad Duqm介紹- Ad Duqm Description

此地有23個村莊,居民數量約4千多人 。儘管Duqm人民偏愛移居到北方的Dakhaliya, Duqm仍是有宜人的季節,在每年6月到9月的期間,是極好的夏日天氣,此時不需要使用空調, 這獨特的天氣非常像在Dhofar的秋季一樣舒適。 阿拉伯沿岸有許多海灘,Duqm的海灘以它們令人驚嘆的的清潔度為特點,未受污染的湛藍色海水 ,純淨而柔軟的沙伴隨著海風,給人涼爽的感覺。另一個名為"Al Shu'ir"的海灘,大約距離此區中心20 公里,零星散佈著 等待家人從北方回家的漁民們的空房子。另一個被相鄰的海灣國家坐汽車到達的人們稱為"遊客營地(trouist camps)"的沙灘,來自Al Dahira的Ibri地區的居民與他們的阿曼兄弟,在此享受宜人氣候,度過閒暇時間。另外Ras Madruka 海灘是大約距離此區中心80 公里。

此外,有一些地區,擁有自然的風景和稀有的地質構造,如同透過藝術家筆下繪出夢境中成真的畫面。 Ashtaan 地區是為綠色的樹所覆蓋並且透過Rocky山脈包圍的巨大的窪地,它的位置是距離Duqm中心朝Sanaw方向大約約20 公里處。

Duqm的最引人注目的河谷的是Naqaw,Al Dabak 和 Saai Naqaw, 它們位在Dupm前往Sanaw的路上大約2公里處。

在Al Wusta附近的地區,從Haima到Jalouni,獨特的氣候非常明顯,Jiddat Al Harasis便座落於此。 這裡夏季的溫度非常明顯的升高,不過,從Al' Ajaaiz到Dhahar,氣溫伴隨著冷風逐漸下降,氣溫下降一直持續到Dhahar沿海幾公里處。

There are more than 4,276 inhabitants living in about 23 villages. Despite the preference of the people of Duqm to emigrate north, to the Wilayats of the Dakhaliya, during the period they call "the Flood" the weather in the Wilayat of Duqm during the 3 months from June to September is wonderful summer weather. There is no need to use air conditioning during this period. This unique weather is very like the autumn season in Dhofar. There are a number of beaches on the Arabian Sea. The wonderful beaches of Duqm are characterized by their cleanness, the blueness of the unpolluted water, the purity of the soft sand and the winds which have a tendency to be cool. There is the beach of Al Shu'ir, which is about 20 kilometres from the centre of the Wilayat. Scattered about are the empty houses of the fishermen which await the return of their families from the north. Another beach is called the "tourist camps" by the people who arrive by car from the neighbouring Gulf countries, coming from the Wilayat of Ibri in Al Dahira to spend some time among their brother Omanis in the agreeable weather of this region, which being triangular in shape thrusts into the waters of the Arabian Sea with beaches on all sides. Ras Madruka beach is about 80 kilometres from the centre of the Wilayat.
      In addition there are some areas which have natural scenery and rare geological formations making an artistic tableau drawn by skillful fingertips able to embody dreams. The Ashtaan area is a vast low area covered with green trees and surrounded by Rocky Mountains. It is about 20 km from the centre of the Wilayat of Duqm in the direction of Sanaw.
      The most outstanding wadis of Duqm are Wadi Naqaw, Wadi Al Dabak and Wadi Saai which is about 2 kilometres from the centre of the Wilayat on the paved road to Sanaw in the Sharqiya.
The unique climate in the Wilayats of Al Wusta and its subsidiary areas is obvious when going from the Wilayat of Haima towards Wadi Jalouni, where Jiddat Al Harasis is located. Here the temperature rises remarkably during the summer months, however, on arrival at the Al 'Ajaaiz region which begins at the Wilayat of Duqm, the temperature drops accompanied by a cold wind and it remains thus until the Dhahar region. It continues low during the descent from that raised area to the centre of the coastal Wilayat which is a few kilometres from Dhahar.
      The beaches of the Wilayat of Duqm are characterized by caves which were previously used as a refuge from the rains and various climatic fluctuations.

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