Mahawt介紹- Mahawt Description
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Mahawt介紹- Mahawt Description

Mahawt有32個村莊,人口約有9千多人 。過去此地曾是繁盛一時重要的港口,以船隻建造和貿易而聞名,當時從阿曼運送旅客和貨物到印度、東非和其他非洲地區,並帶回當時阿曼沒有生產的貨物。


There are about 32 villages with 9,761 people. It was one of the most important ports in previous times. It was famous for ship-building and for transporting travellers and goods from Oman to India, East Africa and other parts of the African continent, carrying Omani products and returning with goods which were not produced at that time in Oman.
There are three islands in the Wilayat, the most important is the island of Mahut covered with "Qaram" trees, the island of Jaz with superb natural scenery and the island of Ab which has a great number of sea birds like the seagull and heron, besides other types of migratory birds. Beaches in the Wilayat of Mahawt are, Kanasa, Las Ruis, Al Khulaf, Bantut, Ras Al Zakhar and Ras khaba Sarab.

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