Rakhyut介紹- Rakhyut Description
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Rakhyut介紹- Rakhyut Description

Rakhyut在Dhofar東南方,與Salalah相鄰。 在古代,Rakhyut是前往印度及東非的海上商隊路線經過的海港 ,出口乳香和其他地方產品。此地是是多山地形,並且擁有許多海灣及曲折的海線。當地人仍潛水尋找藏有珍貴珍珠的牡蠣。

Rakhyut is in the south east corner of Dhofar, neighbouring Salalah. In ancient times, Rakhyut was a seaport station on the sea caravan routes to India and East Africa, exporting frankincense and other local products. The area is mountainous and has a convoluted coastline distinguished by inlets and bays. Pearl diving is still carried out by the locals who seek the precious gem from the oysters.

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