Sadah介紹- Sadah Description
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Sadah介紹- Sadah Description

Sadah,距離Salalah 135 公里,是出口乳香的商港。 Sadah有一座令人深刻印象的堡壘,Hasek的附屬地區有一座古城的遺跡,而Prophet Saleh bin Hud的陵墓亦位在Jebel Nous。 這裡有長長延伸的白色海灘、絕美的懸崖峭壁和風景。 山中擁有洞穴及石窟的美景石窟,另外名為"Ain Laja"的泉水也自此發源,是城市居民的飲水來源。 生產蜂蜜、家畜培育和畜牧在此地非常普遍,居民也很常潛水捕取牡蠣。

Sadah, 135 km from Salalah, was a trading port for frankincense export. Sadah has an impressive fort and the sub-district of Hasek has the remains of an ancient city as well as a mausoleum to the Prophet Saleh bin Hud on the slopes of Jebel Nous. There are long stretches of clean white beaches, dramatic cliffs and scenery. The mountains contain caves and grottos and the spring called Ain Laja is the source water for the city's drinking supply. Honey production is popular in this wilayat, as well as livestock breeding and herding. Diving for oysters is still well practised.

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