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Shalim介紹- Shalim Description

Shalim和Hallaniyat島在Dhofar大約310 公里的東方。過去此地主要的出口商品是魚乾,炭和乳香,主要貿易對象是非洲跟印度。在這個地區有許多歷史遺址,許多與前伊斯蘭教有關。Hallaniyat島是候鳥和水中海洋生物的一個避難所。 很多海龜以Hallaniyat島為生,有大量的海豚。在Rahab,有正培養某些草地和食用的水果及菜蔬的一個實驗農場。 如果實驗成功,阿曼的貧瘠土地就可以加以利用。

Shalim and the Hallaniyat Islands lies in the east of Dhofar, some 310km from Salalah. Past exports from this area included dried fish, charcoal and frankincense which were traded with Africa and India. There are a number of historical sites in this district, many of them pre-Islamic. The Hallaniyat Islands are a safe haven for migratory birds and the marine life from the surrounding waters. Many turtles breed on the Hallaniyat Islands and there are large dolphin populations. In Rahab, on the mainland, there is an experimental farm which is cultivating certain grasses and edible fruits and vegetables. If the project is successful, barren stretches of land in Oman may be exploited agriculturally.

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