Taqah介紹- Taqah Description
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Taqah介紹- Taqah Description

Taqah位在Salalah 和Mirbat之間的海岸線上。此地曾經是一個繁榮的港口,並且是一個古代的重要貿易中心。一些最著名古蹟遺址在Samhuran被發現,Samhuran的歷史可以被追溯到西元前300年。雖然這些遺跡非常的古老,但是碑文在城堡的牆上和柱子裡仍然是可見的。
乳香是主要出口商品,歷史上已經發現在西元前1500年,將乳香運送到埃及的王后Hatshepsut的路線。一幅繪有一艘在Samhurand靠岸的法老船的畫,仍在盧克蘇爾國王的山谷中的一座廟宇展示著。 Sheba的王后也贈送一船來自此港口的乳香給預言者索洛蒙(大衛的兒子)。 

1952年,「美國人類研究基金會」發現古城遺跡,包含石刻、雕塑,前伊斯蘭墓碑以及一座被認為是Taqah古城一部份的一座城堡。 今日Taqah有銀白色的海灘,淡水泉源以及洞穴石窟,深受觀光客喜愛。   

Taqah falls between Salalah and Mirbat on the Dhofar coastline. Taqah was once a prosperous port and has been a significant trading centre of the ancient world. Some of the most famous remains in this area are found at Samhuran, an ancient city which is thought to date back to 3000BC. Old though these remains may be, inscriptions are still visible in the walls and columns of the citadel. Frankincense was the main export, which found its way to Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt in 1500BC. A drawing of a Pharaonic ship docked at Samhuran is still displayed in a temple in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The Queen of Sheba also dispatched a boatload of frankincense from this port as a gift to Prophet Solomon (son of David). In 1952, the 'American Foundation for the Study of Man' discovered the remains of stone sculptures and carvings, pre-Islamic tombs and a citadel which is thought to be part of the ancient city of Taqah. Modern day Taqah has silver-white beaches, fresh water springs, caves and grottos which make the district popular with visitors.

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