Thumrayt介紹- Thumrayt Description
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Thumrayt介紹- Thumrayt Description


Thumrayt is located at the juncture of all the principal roads linking Dhofar to the rest of the Sultanate. In the past, it has been a forwarding post on the overland caravan routes to the ports on the Arabian Sea. It is believed that the lost city of Ubar is in Shisr in Thumrayt. Ubar was the mythical city mentioned in the 'Tales of the Arabian Nights'. Much of Dhofar's frankincense was grown in this area and the ancient people would warn outsiders of dangers such as 'flying snakes' in order to keep them away and thus protect their livelihood. In Mashid, there are many fresh water springs, which are noted for their depth and which meander through beautiful scenery. Traditional caravan routes are still maintained in Thumrayt and the local inhabitants harvest the frankincense each April. Crafts include spinning and weaving wool, tent-making and palm-frond weaving.

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