Al Awabi
Al Awabi介紹- Al Awabi Description
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Al Awabi介紹- Al Awabi Description

代表此地的徽章- 書本、墨水台及筆,意思指的就是Al Awabi誕生了許多伊瑪目(伊斯蘭教宗教領袖或學者的尊稱)、科學家、詩人及學者。Al Awabi 的舊名為 Sony,指的就是「高聳入雲的山圍繞著高地」,一直到第一個千禧伊斯蘭教紀元後才改名為Al Awabi

Wilayat Al Awabi takes the book, inkwell and pen as its logo, as a reference to the many Imans, scientists, poets and scholars born in the Wilayat. Al Awabi was known as Sony after the western mountain extending from Al Awabi to Alayat Ar-Rustaq. The word Sony means "the highland surrounded by high mountains". After the first millennium AH, the name was changed from Sony to Al Awabi. Al Awabi is the plural name of Abiya, which means the land cultivated seasonally as referred to in Oman.It is around 150KM from Muscat and the weather is hot in summer and cold in winter.

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